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How to overcome the truck driver shortage in America

According to recent research, the USA trucking industry doesn’t experience the best times. The reason for it is a decline in truck drivers over the road. Despite the variety of truck driving jobs, there is a lack of people ready to perform them. So why does the country, having all the necessary resources for truck driving branch prosperity, hasn’t had the world at its feet yet? 

First, there is an immense demand for online goods, increasing shipping quantity. The country-across shipping is rapidly growing while truckers’ numbers don’t move. The next point is that retired workers occupy a lion’s market share. At the same time, the field has nothing to offer for young drivers who graduated from school, since you need to be over 21 to get a Commercial Driver’s License. 

One more thing covers the truckers’ lifestyle. Not everyone can be on the road for weeks without simple facilities like a soft bed and a hot shower. What’s more, the constant sedentary work combined with inappropriate nutrition may cause severe health disorders. Ultimately, the most crucial aspect is permanent being far away from family. Thus plenty of families don’t stand the test and are falling apart.

Considering all the long-distance driving drawbacks, we recommend the following ways for truck drivers’ increment.

Driver pay growth

Since truckers get payment strictly for the mile, issues like bad road conditions, various detours and traffic jams influence their income. It would be good if they had bonuses for fuel savings and beforehand arriving on the spot. Another suggestion is introducing a specific fee for freight loading and unloading. Such benefits as retirement and health package will attract more potential workers too.

Lift restrictions for youth

Removing barriers for young drivers may radically change the situation. If they can get a CDL at 18, trucking companies will ensure them with workplaces just after high school graduation. Youth won’t have the necessity to wait several years before starting the truck driver career.

Focus on women and veterans engaging

It is commonplace that the trucking sphere is full of men and only a tiny percentage occupy women. Some companies reject even the thought of cooperation with the daughters of Eve, but those, who give it a shot, will be in a win-win situation. Besides, if you make trucks more comfortable and slightly ease driving conditions, the women numerosity rise in trucking is guaranteed. Veterans are underestimated stratum of society as well. Being extremely hard-working, tech-savvy and self-organized, they are just perfect candidates. Moreover, the vast majority own CDLs and know how to work with heavy types of equipment.

Comfort targeting

The vehicle is the second home for truck drivers, so it’s essential to have it done safe and comfy to stay. The other solution is to create more distributional centers. It will reduce the number of far-from-home nights, thus saving plenty of marriages. Finally, if it could be possible to drive in pairs of two, it would definitely ease the working process and cut down on diseases. 


If you are the head of a truck driving company and are in a desperate search for truck drivers accretion, our tips will come in handy. Try to implement them and it won’t be a hard nut to crack anymore!