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Top 4 loan lenders for quick cash approval in 2022

Financial security is a dream for a lot of us. But even with a clear cut budget, a random accident can lead to financial setbacks. Furthermore, a poor credit score only adds to your problems. That is why you should consider emergency loans with bad credit.

There are hundreds of emergency lenders, and the most common groups offer payday loans, which can rescue you from a financial crisis. They are short-term credit advances that you can repay within a month.

If you have a steady job with regular wages, it is pretty easy to get a loan. Moreover, you will receive money in the bank in record time. And in the case of an emergency or unexpected bills, payday loans can pull you out. Nevertheless, the convenience of payday loans comes at a price. So, lenders will always look for avenues to cover the risk of default.

On the one hand, you will have to reimburse steep interests for the credit. Also, some creditors will ask for a Continuous Payment Authority before loan approval. This clause allows them to make deductions from your bank account.

Most payday lenders only approve personal loans with a short repayment period, and this timeframe can stretch to almost three months. Most times, you will have to pay back the total loan amount plus interest with your wages. Unfortunately, doing so can put you into an endless debt cycle.

If your credit score is not convincing, getting a loan can either be complicated or expensive. It’s important to consider viable financial alternatives, so we have classified the four best emergency loans with bad credit for your financial safety net.

Unlike payday loans, these credit options will not compromise your long-term finances. Moreover, they are equally convenient, and you will not be given a brief repayment period, unlike in payday loans.

Top 4 best emergency loan lenders for bad or no credit score:

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall best emergency loan lenders for bad credit, guaranteed approval
  2. BadCreditLoans – Top direct lenders of bad credit loans; quick cash approval
  3. CashUSA – Fast cash loans online, instant approval of small payday loans
  4. Personal Loans – Trusted for personal loans with bad credit

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. MoneyMutual – Overall best emergency loan lenders for bad credit, guaranteed approval

Brand overview

Like other entries on our list, MoneyMutual is not a lender. Instead, it is a platform that accommodates different lenders. The service allows you to select the best emergency loan deals, even with a bad credit score.

The Federal Reserve reports that 12{797b2db22838fb4c5c6528cb4bf0d5060811ff68c73c9b00453f5f3f4ad9306b} of adults surveyed said they would be unable to pay for unexpected expenses. Furthermore, a joint 33{797b2db22838fb4c5c6528cb4bf0d5060811ff68c73c9b00453f5f3f4ad9306b} would have to sell something, get a payday loan or borrow from friends. Therefore, you are more likely to apply for an emergency loan to settle medical and crisis bills. Without a steady job, however, very few lenders would consider your application.

Most entities require that you have a form of employment to qualify. But if you have social benefits, you can still apply with MoneyMutual.


Fast loan processing: When your car needs a fix, you will not get help from a loan application that drags on for weeks. Extended verifications are only suitable for non-emergency situations.

That is why MoneyMutual stands out for emergency loans with bad credit. It does not matter whether your credit history is poor. As long as you show you can repay the credit, you will have money in your credit union or bank within one business day.

Variety of lenders: MoneyMutual houses multiple lenders under one roof. This variety ensures you will get a loan offer regardless of your credit score. The platform has an extensive network of lenders, and each creditor provides exclusive rates and loan terms. That way, you can choose which loan offer best suits your situation.

Different types of loans: If you are in a fix, you will not fuss about various loans — still, MoneyMutual pairs bad credit scorers with various financial products. The platform allows you to access emergency payday loans, lines of credit, cash advances and bad credit loans.

Free platform: MoneyMutual does not charge a cent from you. It is difficult enough that you need an emergency fund, which is why the company goes on to provide low-cost access to credit.

Potential lenders will receive the info you provided in the online form. MoneyMutual has an extensive network of creditors, some of whom specialize in bad credit scores.

Once you get the green light from a lender, you will get a link to their website. At this stage, you will need to agree to a raft of loan terms and further charges. Afterward, you will receive the money in your account.


  • Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
  • Quick application process
  • Fast funds disbursement
  • No hidden fees
  • Additional financial educational resources accessible


  • Does not provide APR info and other loan terms and conditions
  • $5,000 upper limit

Visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans – Top direct lenders of bad credit loans; quick cash approval

Brand overview

One quarter of U.S. adults reported losing a job or knowing someone who was laid off during the pandemic. In addition, more than half are still out of a job.

BadCreditLoans is not a lender, but rather a network of state and tribal lenders under one roof. Nevertheless, this platform will direct loans to anyone regardless of their credit standing.

First, you will have to fill in the online form with relevant information. After that, the website will pair you with appropriate lenders after considering your credit situation.


Range of credit options: BadCreditLoans has a variety of options for emergency loans with bad credit. You can take out a personal loan to settle a hospital bill, fix your car or pay utility bills.

Additionally, BadCreditLoans offers student loans, mortgages and business loans. You can also get a dedicated auto loan to buy a new car despite the discouraging economic situation.

Simple application process: Getting a loan using BadCreditLoans is quite simple. If you fit the bill, you will complete the process within minutes.

Fill in the online form with your relevant details, including credit scores. Afterward, you will receive an offer from different lenders depending on the information provided.

Open qualifying criteria: The online platform first outlines the qualification criteria, so you can know right away if you fit the bill.

Generally, you need to be a U.S. citizen who is over the age of 18. You do not necessarily need a job. However, you must have a monthly income such as social security benefits. Lastly, you should have a checking account and an active communication channel.

More than just loans: Granted, you might only want a personal loan from BadCreditLoans. Still, the platform provides valuable information on the culture of borrowing.

Discover the best credit practices, how to draw a budget and responsible spending. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to secure a personal loan. However, if you cannot plan your finances, that money will quickly vanish.


  • Request up to $10,000
  • Secure online process
  • Zero hidden fees
  • Provides valuable tips on responsible borrowing
  • 24/7 service


  • Does not offer extended repayment periods
  • No info on expected lender fees

Visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. CashUSA – Fast cash loans online, instant approval of small payday loans

Brand overview

Emergencies have a knack for showing up when we least expect them. Your car could break down right after clearing your mortgage, and if your credit score is lacking, you will need to skip the garage trip.

Now, a credit score is just a number. However, this figure is crucial if you are in a fix and would like an emergency bailout fund. Unfortunately, not all Americans can access low-cost credit loans. According to, close to 50{797b2db22838fb4c5c6528cb4bf0d5060811ff68c73c9b00453f5f3f4ad9306b} of Americans have uninspiring subprime scores. Most of these people are young adults struggling with their first mortgage and student debt repayments.

The current pandemic has dented many employment opportunities. Without a reliable source of income, it only gets harder to access credit. If you are in this category, you should consider CashUSA to boost your financial situation.


Fast, secure, and convenient: Any time you are looking for emergency loans with bad credit, you must consider convenience. Time is money, and an emergency loan will not mean much if it cannot solve your financial problems in time.

But, CashUSA has a rapid loan processing rate. You can complete the application process and get your money within 24 hours. If your car is in the garage, a weeklong loan processing is the last thing you need.

Accepts the unemployed: Most lenders will deny unemployed borrowers credit. Doing so makes sense because a paycheck guarantees you will pay back your dues. However, COVID-19 has ravaged the economy. Many different economic sectors of the country almost completely lost their ability to function properly. Several people lost their jobs, and an estimated 40{797b2db22838fb4c5c6528cb4bf0d5060811ff68c73c9b00453f5f3f4ad9306b} of adults could not meet recurring expenditures.

Fortunately, CashUSA accepts alternative funds. You can get an emergency loan against unemployment benefits, social security and disability payments, and even child support. As long as you have money coming in every month from a legitimate source, CashUSA will give you a chance to tackle those needs head on.

Educational resources: CashUSA is primarily a platform for obtaining credit even with a bad credit ranking. Moreover, you can learn a thing or two about good borrowing practices.

Taking personal loans is often a conflicting matter, especially if your credit standing is wanting. Find out how you can reverse your fortunes with CashUSA. The website’s education center will inform you about budgeting, banking and debt.

Get secured and unsecured loans: Emergency loans are the central product offered by CashUSA. You do not need a high credit ranking to qualify for unsecured credit.

On the other hand, a decent credit score can unlock a variety of financial products. Secured loans are single-purpose credit options. You can apply for auto repair, business, student or mortgage loans.


  • Multiple financial products
  • Speedy loan processing
  • Strong privacy policy
  • Updated financial tips
  • Up to $10,000 borrowing limit


  • Not suitable for small loan amounts

Visit the official website of CashUSA

#4. Personal Loans – Trusted for personal loans with bad credit

Brand overview

Any time you want to borrow money in economic terms, you must have a solid credit score. It is the only way a lender can guarantee you will honor repayments.

Personal Loans is an online portal that gives you access to quick funds. Your credit standing does not matter because the platform understands your need for fast money.

Often, crises knock at your door when you least expect them. But, portals like Personal Loans can help settle pressing needs. The platform connects borrowers to lenders and many lending partners. You could score some fast money conveniently even if regular banks turned you away.

More so, you can borrow for various reasons. Personal Loans even includes customized products for debt consolidation, home improvement, payday loans and more. Finally, you do not have to pay extra for the service.


Here is why Personal Loans offers the best emergency loans with bad credit.

Different personal loan types: The highlight of this platform is that you do not need a high credit score to get credit. You can get a loan with or without a co-signer on Personal Loans.

For a personal loan, you typically have to be a U.S. citizen with a job. Even without a job, you can get credit with a steady income. You then qualify for a personal installment, bank and peer-to-peer loans.

Simple loan processing: Nowadays, getting a personal loan is pretty simple. For emergency loans with bad credit, filling in an online application is the first step.

The information you provide on the platform goes to multiple lenders. Shortly after, you will receive an offer, and then the funds will land within five business days. This entire process does not attract an extra charge.

Loans on the go: As mentioned before, emergencies do not stick to any timeframe, which is why Personal Loans allows you to access a crisis fund anywhere and any time.

Moreover, there is a mobile app available to iOS users. This software makes it easy to apply for personal loans and manage your loan account on the go.

Extensive loan range: You can get a considerable credit amount on Personal Loans, and it is perhaps the only platform offering such a generous credit limit.

The minimum loan amount is $1,000, and anyone can access this figure, especially borrowers with subprime credit rankings. Conversely, if you have a prime credit score, you can get up to $35,000.


  • Up to $35,000 loan limit
  • Different loan products
  • No hidden costs
  • Fast processing
  • Best for poor credit


  • Minimum $1,000 lower limit
  • Not clear on expected charges

Visit the official website of Personal Loans

How we made this list of the best emergency loan lenders online

Learn how to separate genuine emergency lenders from potential scammers.
Learn how to separate genuine emergency lenders from potential scammers.(fizkes / Getty Images/iStockphoto)

If you have ever searched for payday loan alternatives, the results will quickly overwhelm you. That is why we did all of the legwork. There are tons of lenders offering emergency loans with bad credit, but you only need one or two to cover your crisis.

It is relatively simple to separate genuine lenders from potential scammers. For instance, the latter tend to attach facilitation fees for possible loans, and you can also expect deceptively low charges for the credit you seek.

What we looked for:

Besides the punitive costs, we considered a handful of other factors when coming up with our list:

  • Reputation: A legitimate lender has an active online presence. Across various review sites, you will notice previous customers leaving a comment about their experience.

You are better off borrowing from a reputable lender, as they have no hidden charges and will be on the Better Business Bureau’s register. Therefore, watch out for the BBB rating that indicates its market standing.

  • Funding speed: If you are looking for an emergency loan, you probably need cash as fast as possible. We checked out how fast American lenders give out emergency loans with bad credit and overall, they have fast funding services.

We included companies with a personal loan turnover period extending to five days. Some entities will send you cash within one business day. Whatever the case, any processing period surpassing one week will not help your situation.

  • Transparent terms and conditions: Before accepting the terms and conditions, you must read the fine print. You should not get a surprise surcharge when repaying your debts.

Besides hidden fees, some contracts include renegotiation clauses. You should only pay back what was initially agreed. We eliminated entities that discreetly allowed credit restructuring, and from customer feedback, we filtered out companies that slipped in extra fees.

  • Accommodating poor credit scores: Any lender giving emergency loans with bad credit should not care about your credit ranking. Nevertheless, lenders are allowed to consider credit scores before granting loans, but doing so locks out a lot of people. To reach a middle ground, we accepted lenders with loan checks. However, there are standout companies that bypassed terrible credit, which we included in our review.

Factors to consider before selecting the best emergency loans with bad credit

There are certain things to look out for before picking an emergency lender.
There are certain things to look out for before picking an emergency lender.(MarianVejcik / Getty Images/iStockphoto)

An online search for the best emergency loans with bad credit will reveal multiple lenders. Frankly, you only need one loan at a time, and you will have to eliminate those that do not satisfy your credit needs.

We have outlined a couple of things you should watch for with emergency lenders:

Market reputation

The surest way to select lenders giving emergency loans with bad credit is by checking their popularity. Let us face it — millions of Americans could use a financial boost. And the company serving the most borrowers probably gives the better deal.

Generally, our list includes a handful of the most popular lenders. These companies have a higher level of customer satisfaction than other market players. Therefore, you should watch for companies with the highest popularity numbers. A higher Better Business Bureau rating shows the operation is trustworthy.

Loan options on offer

Some borrowers offer strictly emergency loans, where you will quickly receive your cash in the bank account you provided. Afterward, there is not a set parameter for using the money.

However, you can get dedicated financial options in case your emergency covers a particular field like academic bills. Some lenders will give you student loans with slightly better terms, and if you want to buy a car, you can finance the venture with an auto loan.

Application fees

When taking more credit, you must watch the accruing cost. Platforms charging application and processing fees raise the total loan amount. In addition to the interest rate, you will have to cover these extra charges.

The best emergency loans with bad credit rarely include application fees. They are routinely a platform connecting lenders and borrowers.

Most of the time, you will encounter origination fees charged by the lender. You should avoid companies with hidden fees to minimize the financial load.

Loan amount you can access with bad credit

Some financial emergencies demand a lower loan amount than others. You certainly will not need $10,000 to fix your car. As such, you can borrow a lower amount and repay the loan as fast as possible.

In this case, some companies offer as low as $250. At the same time, others can only drop to $500. On the other hand, if you need more money, some borrowers will offer up to $35,000. Therefore, select the company that meets your needs.

Income level

One of the requirements for emergency loans is a job, and most companies include the job clause to work out your repayment program. It is harder to get a personal loan if you are out of a job. Nevertheless, other companies are more lenient. Instead of a job, you will qualify with monthly welfare payouts.

Before you get your hopes up on a good deal with regards to emergency loans with bad credits, figure out what their policy is on income. Then, place it next to your current financial disposition and try to see if you are the right fit.


The interest rate is generally the cost of the personal loan, and the price often varies depending on the information you used to apply. The interest rate charged on payday loans is often steep. It also accrues relatively fast, and you might spend significantly to offset the debt.

Some companies charge lower for emergency loans with bad credit. However, they rarely give you a large sum. But if you have a decent credit ranking, you can get a prime loan for a lot less.

FAQs: Emergency loans with no credit check

Emergency loans can help you cover unexpected expenses in case of a crisis.
Emergency loans can help you cover unexpected expenses in case of a crisis.(skynesher / Getty Images)

Q. Do I need an emergency loan?

Some people may argue that emergency loans add unnecessary strain to your wallet. But debt is a huge asset even in the business world — most companies finance projects with bank credit.

You should also exploit various financial products to bypass life’s bumps. You will not run into debt as long as you have a regular income and a solid budget. Therefore, whenever you are in an emergency, consider taking a short-term personal loan.

Some companies can finance your holiday expenses with preferred terms. In this case, you must have an airtight repayment plan to avoid debt.

Q. What should I consider before taking an emergency loan?

Many lenders employ strict criteria before qualifying for a personal loan. If you tick all of the boxes, you can access credit a lot faster.

The first thing you need to consider is your credit score, which is a crucial indicator of your creditworthiness. Lenders will use your credit ranking to calculate how much to give you. The figure accounts for past debts, repayment speed and current debts. Good credit scores typically attract higher personal loan amounts with favorable terms. If your ranking is subprime, you can only access smaller loans.

Secondly, you will want to be wary of your employment status and income. You will quickly get a loan if you have a job with a decent salary. Banks and other lending companies know that your earnings will cover the debt.

It is harder for lenders to trust you if you are unemployed and not on social welfare, as you do not have regular cash flowing into your account. That means you will not have some money to reimburse the companies.

Once again, your eligibility depends on how much debt you have as a proportion of your total earnings. You should ideally have a smaller loan that you can easily offset with your wages.

Because your debt can surpass your monthly salary, you are better off clearing your existing obligations before taking up more personal loans.

Finally, a co-signer might come in handy. If you need a crisis loan with bad credit, an asset can also come in handy. But if you do not have one, then you should get a co-signer, as your friend will guarantee to pay off the personal loan in case you fail.

Q. What do I need to get an emergency loan?

Most personal loan companies have similar requirements for emergency loans with bad credit. First, you must be an adult and an American citizen.

These companies are American, and it only makes sense to deal with local customers. If you are traveling through the country, an international lender might offer assistance. Also, your bank account details make it easy to transfer your funds once accepted.

Secondly, you need a job or regular income. For the unemployed, social security or disability benefits count as earnings. However, consider the minimum monthly payment.

Lastly, you might benefit from collateral. Most emergency loans with bad credit do not need collateral. They will approve your application as long as you have a form of income.

However, there are instances where you are unemployed and lack welfare earnings. And if you have a bad credit score, you will hardly qualify for a personal loan. In such a scenario, you can attach your car or other assets to guarantee the personal loan.

Q. What is bad credit?

Bad credit explains your failed debts, as it refers to credit advances that you did not repay. The term also points to your late payment.

Bad credit hurts your credit score, and you will find it hard to secure an emergency loan. You will also pay a lot more for the amount than someone with a better credit rank if you qualify.

Q. What is a credit score, and does it matter when taking an emergency loan?

A credit score is an important figure if you are looking to borrow money. The ranking tells how well you handle debt, and credit scores run from 300-850. Like any tally, more is always better. A low credit score means you have not been paying your personal loans properly.

Lenders will check your credit score before deciding if they can give you a personal loan. The number considers your past loan repayments, your current status, and your credit history. Potential creditors will also look at your credit score. However, you can still score emergency loans with bad credit, as lenders will alter your loan terms.

Q. How much money should I borrow with a minimum credit score?

Your current credit limit indicates how much money you can borrow. If you have a solid credit score, you can borrow more money. However, you should not maximize your limit unless you need to.

You are better off borrowing a smaller amount. If you repay an emergency loan sooner, your credit score will improve, and you can comfortably do so when handling a smaller loan amount.

Q. How can I get an emergency loan with bad credit fast?

You cannot plan when an emergency will arise. However, you can still get an emergency loan to help cover unexpected expenses in case of a crisis.

We have outlined the best emergency loan lenders, and after selecting your preferred company, head over to their website. An online application is usually the first step to getting funding in case of a crisis. So, fill that in, and then submit it. You will know whether you qualify in minutes. Once accepted, choose the best emergency loan option, agree to the terms and wait for the money to hit your account.

Conclusion: Best direct loan lenders of emergency loans

There are many factors to consider for choosing an emergency loan lender.
There are many factors to consider for choosing an emergency loan lender.(Hispanolistic / Getty Images)

Do you need an emergency loan? At the moment, maybe not. However, you can never plan your life perfectly. A pandemic might arise, and your finances could suddenly dry up. In this case, a crisis fund could come in handy and cushion you and your family.

Multiple lenders are giving a wide range of financial products. Some companies will disburse cash to use as you wish, while other entities will extend dedicated credit for your student debt, a new car and so on. MoneyMutual is not only a trusted platform but also provides excellent customer service and benefits.

Every lender has a different criterion when determining whether or not to offer credit. In a nutshell, you should have a job in the U.S. Additionally, you must demonstrate a capacity to repay the loan.

You can access emergency loans with bad credit if you have a regular income. Moreover, you can still qualify for an emergency loan with a monthly welfare fund. Finally, remember to repay personal loans as fast as possible. You will avoid accruing charges and can quickly get a higher amount with friendlier terms.